Product Image (105)

Balant Kadha No.2

Price: 95 INR

To be given 10 days after delivery

Product Image (103)

Arya Cough Syrup

Price: 75 INR

Ayurvedic Cough Syrup

Product Image (104)

Balant Kadha No. 1

Price: 90 INR

Tobe given for first 10 days after delivery

Product Image (106)

Balant Kadha No.3

Price: 100 INR

To be given 4 weeks after delivery

Product Image (107)


Price: 70 INR

Relieves infants in vomiting, cold, worms & diarrhoea

Product Image (34)

Tambool Tone

Price: 100 INR

Digestive tonic

Product Image (32)

Aryaton Syrup

Price: 150 INR

A tonic fortified with Ashwagandha & Shatavari for all age groups.

Product Image (33)

O-vit Drops

Price: 30 INR

A well balanced composition of calcium & natural Vitamins

Product Image (02)

Herbocough Syrup (Sugar Free)

Price: 70 INR

A palatable stimulant expectorant for common cold, dry or wet cough. Relieves congestion. Best for diabetic patients as its Sugar Free.

Product Image (07)

Divya Sundari Syrup

Price: 100 INR

An excellent restorative uterine tonic for females.

Product Image (11)

Adulsa Syrup

Price: 65 INR

Good remedy for common cold, dry & wet cough, Bronchitis and whooping cough, relieves congestion and helps respiration, prevents irritation

Product Image (12)

Purol-G Syrup

Price: 100 INR

Useful in dermatitis, fungal skin diseases, psoriasis, itching eczema.

Product Image (03)

Haemton Syrup

Price: 100 INR

Haematinic Syrup


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