Product Image (36)

Divya Sundari

Price: 70 INR

An excellent restorative uterine tonic

Product Image (38)

N-vedan Tablets

Price: 25 INR

Herbal Analgesic

Product Image (41)

Sitola Tablets

Price: 50 INR

Useful in cough & cold

Product Image (35)

Arya K-Nim Tablets

Price: 60 INR

Useful in diabetic conditions

Product Image (40)

Rilaxin Tablets

Price: 150 INR/Bottle

An excellent remedy for rheumatism.

Product Image (42)

Tambool Tone Tablets

Price: 90 INR

Digestive tonic

Product Image (39)

Pilofic Tablets

Price: 85 INR

Useful on both bleeding & non-bleeding piles

Product Image (43)


Price: 120 INR

May help to control blood sugar

Product Image (37)

D-sentrol Tablets

Price: 20 INR

Anti diarrheal

Product Image (16)

Hepanin Tablets

Price: 70 INR

Useful in liver diseases

Product Image (01)

Purol Tablets

Price: 150 INR

Useful in dermatitis, fungal skin diseases, psoriasis, itching eczema.

Product Image (18)

Gastrolin Tablets

Price: 90 INR

A time tested remedy for colic pain, lack of appetite, indigestion, removal of foul gases, useful for hyperacidity.

Product Image (09)

Aryacid Tablets

Price: 60 INR/Bottle

Herbal chewable tables on antacid & digestive.


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